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Luckrez School is the first and only Traditional Thai Massage School in the province of Buriram. It was co-founded by Luck Thaworchat and Ray Farkoush. Teacher Luck is a veteran massage therapist and one of the former head instructors at Salaya and Watpo Traditional Thai Massage Schools.

We offer courses and learning opportunities to best meet your needs and goals. If learning and practicing what you study with a vetran Thai massage coach while having the opportunity of practicing what you learn with other learners from all over the world sound good to you; then we welcome you to Luckrez School.

We are commited to teaching traditional Thai massage and equiping students with knowlege, skills, and expertise they need to help their clients improve their overall wellness.

Our philosophy is to blend traditional Thai massage wisdom with modern insights, fostering holistic education, cultural appreciation, and ethical practice. We inspire practitioners to embody skill, compassion, and transformative wellness.

We are commited to providing exceptional education in Thai massage that embraces tradition, fosters respect, and instills ethical responsibility. We strive to empower our students with comprehensive skills and knowledge, producing compassionate practitioners dedicated to enhancing well-being in their communities.

Want to be a Certified Thai Massage Therapist

We will Help You Achive Your Goal

  • International Focus – Our students come from all over the world.

  • Practice What You Study – You will have the chance to practice on actual clients at our factilties.

  • Can Assist You With Accommodations – We can help you find an appropriate place to stay during your entire course.

Learn authentic Thai massage from masters

Students Globally Learning Thai Massage

If you prefer to study in your own time and pace, let us know and we will customize a course that best fits your needs.