Herbal Harmony: A 5-Day Journey into Thai Herbal Massage

Discover the art of herbal compress techniques, learn the therapeutic benefits, and integrate the power of herbs with traditional Thai massage.

The Art of Thai Herbal Massage Course

  • Duration: 5 days / 30 hours (Monday to Friday )
  • Tuition Fee: 12,500 Baht

Course Highlights:

  • Herbal Compress Techniques: Learn the art of preparing and using Thai herbal compresses (herbal balls), combining traditional herbs for therapeutic benefits.
  • Application and Massage Techniques: Explore hands-on techniques for applying herbal compresses in conjunction with Thai massage, enhancing the therapeutic experience.
  • Anatomy and Benefits: Understand the anatomy and physiological benefits of Thai herbal massage, gaining insights into how herbal properties interact with the body.
  • Holistic Wellness Integration: Explore the holistic aspects of Thai herbal massage, combining the power of touch with the healing properties of herbs for a comprehensive wellness experience.
  • Practical Sessions: Engage in practical sessions to refine your skills, receiving personalized guidance on the proper application of Thai herbal massage techniques.

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